GA Futures - Transcript Export (for GA schools only)

MySchoolWorx is excited to provide our Georgia schools the ability to export your High School transcripts formatted and ready to upload to the GA Futures Professional Center.

We have included a list below of things to check as you prepare for your first export. You will need Administrator access to make the following updates and to export the GA Futures transcript file. If you need help with this, feel free to contact our support team at: 1-866-990-2493 Ext. 2

For classes taken before your school began using MySchoolWorx, you will need to enter the transfer credits individually. If you or your staff have not yet added these transfer credits, you can click here for a step-by-step guide. If you entered these already, the following are important items to consider:

  1. Check to make sure the SGPA & WGPA values have been entered into the necessary semesters for each transferred class/credit by doing the following: 
    1. Click Students under Users
    2. Click on a student's name
    3. Click on Academics on the lower left
    4. Click "View Transfer Mapping" over to the right
    5. Click on the grey bar titled "Accepted Credits" to expand previously entered classes
    6. Make sure that both SGPA & WGPA have values in them in the semester row(s)
  2. Click on the pencil to the right of each class to make sure the following are correct:
    **Note: If the class is not weighted then enter the unweighted GPA value in both SGPA & WGPA boxes

    **Note: If you add these values now, then please click the "check box" beside the "Final" row and clear out all data in that row before saving again.
  3. While still in "Transfer Mapping" adjust the "Class Designation".

    1. If the class/subject entered is Honors or College Prep, use the Class Designation drop down menu to make your selection
    2. If it is neither Honors or College Prep, leave the default name "Not Applicable"
  4. The last thing for Transfer Mapping, make sure the Course Code is entered
    Make sure to click "Save" when your edits are complete
  5. How to enter your CEEB School Code:

    1. Clicking on your name in the top right corner
    2. Click Set Up
    3. Enter your CEEB Code in the first Field on the Page, above your school's name
    4. Save at the bottom of the page
  6. Enter the graduation date and diploma type and change the students' status to "Graduate" for your students. An approximate date will suffice for those students below grade 12, if you do not know the actual dates. 

    To access the student's profile:
    1. Hover over the "Users" icon at the top and click Students
    2. Search for the student you wish to edit
    3. Click on the pencil to the right of their name
    4. Click the grey bar labeled "Personal Information"
    5. Scroll down and click on the calendar beside the Graduation Date field to select date
    6. If the student's diploma type is not General, click the drop down and select College Prep
    7. Click Save
  7. You may want to look through the active credited High School classes you currently offer in MySchoolWorx and make sure the Course Codes have been entered.
  8. (Optional) Create Weighted Class Codes for the export in Main Setup. For a guide on adding weighting indicators, click here.

Now, we are ready to export your student's transcript report. The following two options are available to create the export file.

  1. The following steps will allow you to export multiple students or multiple grade levels:
    1. Click on the Reports icon
    2. Click on Transcripts on the lower left
    3. Under the GA Futures Export section, search for and select multiple students OR search for and select multiple grade levels
    4. Click Export GA Futures
    5. Click "Click here to download"
    6. The file will appear in your downloads folder ready for upload to the GA Futures Professional Center
  2. The following steps give you the ability to export one student's file while viewing their actual transcript:
    1. Hover over the "Users" icon and click Students
    2. Search for the student and click on their name
    3. Click Academics on the lower left
    4. Click the "View Complete Transcript" link in the middle of the page
    5. Click the blue "Export GA 411" button in the center of the page
    6. Click the blue "Click here to download" button that now appeared
      **Note: The file will now appear in your Downloads folder
    7. You can now Log in to your Professional Center and upload the file:

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