Enter Transfer Credits to a Transcript

How to  enter transfer credits for transcripts:
  • Log in to MySchoolWorx as an Administrator
  • Hover over the "Users" icon and click Students
  • Search for the student for whom you would like to add credits
  • Click on their name
  • Click Academics on the lower left
    • Note: on this page you can see historical academic information by category or year for this student
  • Click View Transfer Mapping to the right
  • Scroll down and click the grey bar titled Submit Transfer Credit
How to enter the actual Class and Credit:

Once the Submit Transfer Credit grey bar is expanded:

  • Select the grade level the student was in when they took the class you are about to enter
  • Select the academic year they took the class you are about to enter
  • Select the grading scale to be used for this class
  • Enter the class name of the class they took (if from another school, it may be called something different than your equivalent)
  • Check the box by the semester(s) the class was taken and enter the semester information
    • Enter the Letter Grade for each semester
    • Enter the % Grade for each semester
    • Enter the credits received for each semester
    • Enter the SGPA (same as UGPA for this entry) and the WGPA (if the class is not weighted, enter the UGPA value in the WGPA box)
    • Enter class description (not required)
    • Search for or Enter the Equivalent class name for your school
    • Select the Subject Category where this credit will apply (eg. English, Electives, etc.)
    • Enter Course Code (not required)
    • Select whether you are accepting the credit or not
    • Submit to Transfer Wizard
Note : These will now show in the grey bar titled "Transfer Credits Accepted/Unaccepted above this section and you can delete or edit them in the future from this location.
Also, when you click Return to Academic History, you will be able to see these by year or category. They will also now be seen on the Actual Transcript.

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