How to Add a Class

This article will guide you, as someone with Administrative access to MySchoolWorx, through the details of adding a class.

How to add a class to MySchoolWorx

  1. Log into your MySchoolWorx Administrator account
  2. Click the Class icon at the top center of the screen
  3. Click the "Add Class" button to the right
  4. Select the grade level of the class you are creating

    Note: If this class will include students from multiple grade levels you can check the box titled "Add Multiple Grade Levels" and check the boxes beside each of the additional grade levels.
  5. Check the box(es) beside each Grading Period(s) this class will be taking place
  6. Select the Room name or number from the Room Number drop down menu
  7. Check the box beside the Period this class will be taking place.
    Note: A period is not required to create a class.
  8. Select the Subject Area for this class from the drop down menu

    Note: The Subject Area is a list of about 7 - 10 departments into which each class should belong. You can find and edit this list by clicking on your name in the top right corner, click Set Up and then click Subject Area from the left menu. Here you can edit the default list or add new Subject Areas. For example: English I, II, III, IV, Penmanship, Spelling and Reading would typically fit into the Language or English category. Bible, Art and Physical Education might fit into the Electives category. The category selected will help track and total the 

    credits for 

    High School classes by Subject Area. You do not need to create one of these for Elementary and for Middle & High School. Just use the same Subject Area and only the High School classes will have credits added by you later in this article.

  9. Add your Course Code (not required)
  10. Create your custom class name (this will be used on the Report Card and Transcript)
  11. If the class will have credits possible for those who pass the class, enter them in the Credits field
  12. Select a grading scale that will be used for this class

    Note: This will also determine the GPA and WGPA for the class. You can access these grading scales in the Set Up are under the Academics menu.
  13. Select the Credit Calculation Type

    Note: This entry will tell MySchoolWorx how to distribute the possible credits for the class. If by semester, the student will receive half of the credits entered above for each semester. If the Default or Final is selected, the students will receive the total amount of credits entered above based on their final grade for this class.
  14. Leave the "Show class in report card" box checked, if you want this class averaged into the student's total GPA and if you want it to show on the Report Card.
  15. Leave the "Do not show on transcript"box unchecked if you want this class to show on the student's transcript.
  16. Click the "Add Class" button to save the class

    Once the class is saved, you will see the Teacher and Student fields appear at the bottom of the page.

To Add Teachers to the class please follow the instructions in this article:

To add Students to the class, please follow the instructions in this article:

As always, if you need any help with this or any other feature, please contact us at: [email protected]

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