How To Add or Remove Teachers from Classes

There are two ways for someone with a MySchoolWorx Administrator account to add a teacher to their classes. Both options are shown below:

Add a teacher to multiple classes at the same time

  1. Log in to MySchoolWorx
  2. Hover over the Users icon and Click Teache
  3. Search for the teacher you wish to add to classes
    Note: If you have not added the teacher to MySchoolWorx already, you will click Add Teacher button the the right
  4. Click on the pencil to the right of the teacher's name
  5. Scroll down to the field titled Classes:
  6. Search for the class(es) by typing in the search box and add as many classes as you like to this teacher's schedule.

  7. Once all classes have been added, click Submit. 
    Note:  The teacher will now see these classes when they log in.

To delete a teacher from a class in this same location, simply click the "X"  beside the class you wish to delete and click save. Your changes will be saved and the teacher will no longer see the deleted class listed when they log into MySchoolWorx.

Add a teachers to a class from within the Class Settings menu 

  1. Log into MySchoolWorx
  2. Click the Class icon at the top of the screen
  3. Search for and select the class to which you wish to add the teacher
    Note: You can also add a teacher to a new class you are creating by clicking "Add Class" to the right.
  4. Click Settings on the lower left corner
  5. Click the "Class Information" grey bar
  6. Scroll down to the Teachers section and search for the teacher by Name

  7. Click the name of the teacher and they will be added to the class roster and automatically saved as well.

To delete a teacher from a class in this same location, simply click the red "X" and the teacher will be deleted and your changes will be automatically saved.

Please let the support team know if we can help in any way. [email protected]

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