Set Up & Connect Quickbooks Online

MySchoolWorx Set Up Guide for Quickbooks Online

MySchoolWorx (MSW) has partnered with Intuit's Quickbooks Online (QBO) to provide seamless accounting for our schools. Parents can view all QBO accounting activity from within MSW and if a school chooses to use Intuit's Merchant Services, parents can pay from MSW as well. Payments are automatically updated in the accounting program and funds are deposited automatically when they clear. A guide to setting up both of these options is below.

You will first need to purchase and set up Quickbooks Online for your school.

  1. There are different versions of QBO offered by Intuit and MSW will work with all of the business versions. This link will take you version comparison and give you the monthly subscription prices.
  2. As you set up QBO, I encourage you to add your parent’s email addresses to their QBO profile. This will speed up the connection process with MySchoolWorx (MSW) and give you the option to email invoices as well.
  3. Once you have completed the QBO set up, contact MSW support and we will help you connect MSW to your new QBO account or you can connect them yourself by following the instructions below in points a-k. Once the connection is complete, parents will be able to see all accounting activity from within MSW.
  4. Connect Quickbooks Online to MySchoolWorx
    1. Access Set Up by clicking on your name in the top right corner of your MySchoolWorx Admin account.
    2. Click Accounting on the lower left
    3. Click the grey bar titled “Quickbooks API Integration”
    4. Click the “Connect Quickbooks” buttonNote: you will be asked to log into your QBO account
    5. Once you log in, you will be asked to “Authorize” the QBO and MSW connection.
    6. Once you authorize, you will be taken back to the MSW page and you should see the “Success” green bar across the top of the MSW screen. (If not, contact support and we will help troubleshoot)
    7. Map QBO & MSW parent accounts by clicking on the grey bar “Quickbooks Customer Mapping”
    8. Click on the “Suggested Users” bar
    9. Scroll down and make sure you are happy with the connections and click “Save All” at the top.
    10. Click the "Unmatched Users" tab and you can manually match the QBO user on the right to any MSW user account by typing part of a parents name in the box on the left and click the name you want connected.

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