Set Up Parent Payment Option

MySchoolWorx Set Up Guide for Intuit Merchant Services

If you want to allow parents to make payments that automatically update Quickbooks Online (QBO), you have two ways to do this. You can do either one of these options or both. You should be able to set up both the Merchant Service account that will connect to your QBO account and set up an E-commerce (GoPayment) account at the same time while on the phone with Intuit support.

Merchant Services:

If you want to be able to key in payments and activate the Pay Now option in emailed invoices you will need to set up a Merchant Service account connected to your Quickbooks Online account by following the steps below:
  1. Contact Intuit Support at 877-683-3280

    and tell them, “I have a Quickbooks Online Account already set up and I would like Quickbooks Online and Merchant Services together on the same account so I have the Pay Now option in my emailed invoices active.”

  2. Once this is set up, you should have the ability to key in payments and include the active Pay Now option in your emailed invoices.


If you want to allow parents to pay invoices from within MySchoolWorx, you will need to set up an E-commerce account (Web Store or GoPayment) through Intuit.

  1. Contact Intuit Support at 1-800-558-9558 and ask to set up an E-commerce account (Web Store or GoPayment)
  2. If you are setting up both accounts, let Intuit Support know you want to be able to manage both your Merchant Service account and your E-commerce account from the same login.

After setting up your E-commerce account, you will make the connection to QuickBooks in your MySchoolWorx account. (See also: Set Up & Connect Quickbooks Online)

- Click on your name in the top right, go to Setup, and then Accounting. 

- Click on Quickbooks API Integration. 

- Change "Allow Payments" to "Yes" and then click Connect to Quickbooks.

- Enter your Quickbooks credentials and authorize the connection. 

- Once the connection is made, you will see "School and Quickbooks are now connected" and a new bar will appear that says "Quickbooks Customer Mapping"

- In the Quickbooks Customer Mapping section, you will see Matched, Unmatched, and Suggested Users. 

> Matched Users: The parent's email in MySchoolWorx matches the customer's email in QuickBooks. You will see the MSW Parent accounts in the left column and the QBO users in the right column. On the right, you can start typing the name of the Quickbooks user you wish to connect to the parent on the left, and it will populate for you to select. 

> Unmatched Users: The customer in QuickBooks found no matching email address for a parent account in MySchoolWorx (These can be manually matched by using the search box on the left of each QBO account.)

>Suggested Users: Possible matches based on similar data.

You will want to review these lists to make sure the right accounts are matched, and then Save.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you had previously connected to Quickbooks, you will want to disconnect first, and then repeat the steps above. The Customer Mapping that you did when you first connected will automatically reconnect and the matches will remain the same. 

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