Distance Learning and MySchoolWorx

As many schools have recently had to combine in-person learning with distance learning, administrators and teachers can adjust or utilize certain aspects of their site to better help parents and students who are learning from home. This article will go over two ways to do this:

  1. Lesson Plan Options
  2. Assignment Options

1. Lesson Plan Options - Admins can choose to show more or all lesson plan sections in the Parent's Homework icon

After the lesson plans have been published by the teacher or administrator, parents are able to see lesson plans in two ways. Either within the Class>Lesson Plan section or in a limited view* through their Homework icon.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The homework view can be either limited or expanded in the Administrator's Setup>Lesson Plan Settings. In this section, the admin can determine which lesson plan sections will be included on the Homework page. 

Administrators can edit the view that parents see in the parent's Homework icon by checking the "Use as Homework" option next to the desired section. For example, if the Admin selects "Use as Homework" for the "Homework" section only, it will show only one section in the parent's Homework icon:

If the Admin selects "Use as Homework" for three sections, then those three sections will show in the parent's Homework icon:

2. Assignment Options - Teacher can send home documents (i.e. tests, quizzes, homework sheets, etc) with each assignment.

Teachers can create assignments, attach a document to that assignment, and then get notified when the student completes it and sends it back to them. A more detailed explanation of this process is in these help articles: 

Video: http://support.myschoolworx.com/article/192-student-assignment-submissions-admins-and-teachers

For Students/Parents to submit: http://support.myschoolworx.com/article/184-submit-files-for-assignments

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