Re-Enrollment Wizard

The Re-Enrollment Wizard will help parents to walk through their online profile to update information. During the re-enrollment process, parents will have access to update their student's personal information, medical information, and approved check out list and to upload documents to their student's resources page.

To enable the Re-Enrollment Wizard:

1. Go to Setup>Enrollment>Re-Enrollment. You will see two options for re-enrollment there: Quick Re-Enrollment and Re-Enrollment Wizard. (Leave Quick Re-Enrollment OFF if you want to enable the Re-Enrollment Wizard.) 

2. Turn Re-Enrollment Wizard to ON.

3. When a parent completes the re-enrollment process, the student's status will change. Select which status you want the student's status to change to. The recommended status is "Pre-Enrolled - Returning." 

4. Click Submit to save the settings. Once you save this, the parent will see a "Re-Enroll" Button in their portal. 

NOTE: In order for a parent to see the Re-Enroll button, all of their permissions- "Lives With," Checkout," and "Academic View"- must be set to "Yes":

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