What to Expect During Close Out

Users with an administrator login will see a form when they log in. This form will request all of the information necessary to get your school year closed out and ready for next year's setup. 

The Form

This form allows the user two options:

  1. "Wait until next login" - This option will allow you to close the form, without filling it out, and continue to your dashboard. You will see the form again when you log in next.
  2. "Submit" - This option will be available once you've filled out the form entirely, particularly the required fields in red. 

Only one administrator will need to fill out the form. Once one admin submits the information, the form will no longer be seen by any administrator. Below is an explanation for each field:

  • Questions 1 and 2 - Enter the name and contact information for the admin responsible for any questions regarding your school's year end, such as confirming that all grades are entered and finalized. 
  • Question 3 - "Which date is your official close out date for the academic year?" - This is the date that you want the school year to be officially closed. We would recommend the users not enter any new information on this date, until you receive an email from MySchoolWorx that the closeout has been completed. As this process is irreversible, make sure all grades and attendance have been entered accurately before this date.
  • Questions 4-10 - Enter the new grading periods for your school. It gives the option to list the first date of a grading period, up to 6 grading periods. Fill out only what applies to your school. For example, if your school only has 3 grading periods, leave Questions 7, 8, and 9 blank. 
  • Question 11 - "Will any students be held back (retained) this year?" - If any students have not achieved the necessary grades to be promoted to the next grade level, list their names here with the grade in which they will be retained. NOTE: Be sure to enter the names of any student who will not be promoted but is currently in the highest offered grade level, such as 12th Grade students for high schools or 8th Grade students for middle schools. Noting who is being retained will prevent their student account from "graduating" out of the system. 
  • Question 12 - "Will you be offering any new grade levels this upcoming year?" - If your school is expanding its grade level offerings, enter which grade levels you will be adding here. For example, if you currently offer up to 5th Grade and will be adding middle school for the following year, check 6th Grade, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade here. 
  • Questions 13-15 - Enter your estimated enrollment for the upcoming year. These questions are to correct your enrollment for the following year's invoices. If one of the options does not apply, like Pre-school, enter '0' here. 
  • Finally, you'll be asked to click one of two options - "Click here to approve the close out data for 19/20 and renew for 20/21" or "Click here to approve close out data for 19/20 only". Select the first option to both close out and to indicate that you will be continuing your contract with MySchoolWorx. Click the second option to close out and to indicate that you would like to discuss your contract with a sales representative.

The Closeout

We will begin closeout on the day you indicated in Question 3. If you need to change that date after the form is submitted, please contact the support team the day before the indicated closeout date. 

What will the closeout process do?

  • Transcripts - All of the current year's data will be moved permanently to the transcript, so no added grades in the grade book would affect the past year's transcript data. NOTE: Georgia schools: the closeout process is necessary to get your final GA Futures upload.
  • Students - All students will be promoted to the next grade level, unless otherwise indicated in Question 11. Students who are in the highest level offered (i.e. 12th Grade students) will graduate out of the system. After close out is completed, graduated student's data will still be accessible by going to the past year.
  • Classes - All classes will move to the new year. Teachers will remain connected to their previous classes, and all students are removed from the classes for the upcoming year. 

After Closeout and Setup

Once our team has completed the closeout process, we will email your school's representative (the person who's information is entered in questions 1 on the form) to confirm that it's completed.. After that you'll be able to start setting up your classes for the upcoming year. A setup guide is available in this article: School-wide Set Up

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