Create Standardized Test Templates and Enter Scores

MySchoolWorx has created a way for each school to customize their own standardized test template that will show on a student's transcript. This is mainly used for entering SAT and ACT scores, but can also be used to enter Stanford Achievement Test scores for each academic to easily track progress from grade level to grade level. The guide below will help you set up your own template and show you how to enter scores.

How to create your templates:

  1. Log in to MySchoolWorx using an Administrator account
  2. Click your name in the top right corner
  3. Click Set Up
  4. Click Academics on the left
  5. Click the "Standardized Test Templates" grey bar
  6. Click "Add Test Template"
  7. Enter the title of this test template (eg. SAT or ACT)
  8. Enter the Column Headers you want available for this specific template (eg. Reading, Writing, Composite Score)
  9. Save template

How to enter scores for standardized testing:

  1. Log in to MySchoolWorx as an Administrator
  2. Hover over the "Users" icon and click Students
  3. Search for the student for whom you would like to add Standardized Test scores
  4. Click on their name
  5. Click Academics on the lower left
  6. Scroll down and Click on the Standardized Test Templates grey bar
  7. Click in the "Date" box and select the date of testing
  8. Enter the scores for the test
  9. Save by clicking the disk to the left of the date

    Note: You can enter more scores for the same test for the same student by clicking "Add Data" on the right hand side.

Our support team is available to help you create your templates. Just email or call!

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