Withdraw a Student

When a student is withdrawn, they will be marked with a new student status of Withdrawn and you will see a red (W) beside their name in the list of students. Also, a withdrawn student will be removed from their class rosters at the beginning of the next grading period. They will remain in the roster for any grading period in which they participated.

In order to withdraw a student:

  1. Hover over Users and click on Student
  2. Click on the name of the student you want to withdraw
  3. Click on Withdraw over to the right
  4. Select the date of withdrawal 

    Note: This can be past, current or future date

  5. Click submit and the withdrawal is complete.

    Note: This can be undone by following the same steps. The button will now read "Re-Enroll."

Below is an image of the options available when you withdraw a student:

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