Mandatory Attendance Setting

This feature allows Administrators to require attendance from teachers every day. If a teacher misses one day's attendance and tries to take attendance for any following day, they will be prompted to go back and take attendance for the day(s) missed, as seen in the image below. The teacher can click on the date in the pop up and be taken to that date for that subject so attendance can be submitted for the day missed. System administrators are not restricted by the Mandatory Attendance feature, only teachers.

Important Note: If your school uses block or A/B schedules you will probably not want to activate Mandatory Attendance for your school. If turned on, this will force attendance for all teachers on the days when the classes do not take place. Mandatory attendance will be possible for all schedule types with our new release coming this summer

To Set Up of Mandatory Attendance:

  1. Click on your Name and then Set Up in the top right corner
  2. Click "Attendance Setting" to the left
  3. Turn ON mandatory attendance (see image below)
  4. Click SUBMIT
  5. If the you wish to only mark attendance in one subject per grade level, and you setting is one class missed equals an absence, a Homeroom period class does NOT count as a class missed

Note: From this time forward, attendance will be mandatory for all classes. MySchoolWorx will look back and require teachers to catch up on attendance as far back as the last day attendance was submitted for each class.

Please contact  Support if you need any help with this at 1-866-990-2493 ext. 2

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