How Parents Get a Login Account

Schools setup parent accounts using the parent's primary email address. Once a parent login account has been created, MySchoolWorx will automatically send out an email notification to the parent with their email address, password, and the link used to access the application. The first time a parent logs into the application, the parent will be prompted to change their password.

Example email ( This email example does not have a valid user or login link):

Subject: New Example Academy MySchoolWorx Account

Hello Jane Doe,

You have been registered for a MySchoolWorx account at Example Academy. MySchoolWorx allows a parent to know instantly about assignments, tests, upcoming events, grades and overall class grade. MySchoolWorx provides a real-time snapshot of statistical information about your student. 

You may now log in to using the following username and password: 


Password: [Temporary Password]

You will be prompted to change your password at first login.

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