Connect Students to Parents

The video attached below will show administrative users how to connect students to parents once the students and parents have been entered into MySchoolWorx. Once connected, parents will be able to view their child's information in MySchoolWorx when they log in.

Additional Settings

Once you connect a student to a parent account, you will notice there are 3 options to the right of each student's name. Please select the correct parent permissions per student and click Save when finished. Below are some explanations of each setting.

  • Lives With
    This is a way for you, as an administrator, to make a note of whether each student connected to a parent lives in the home of that parent.
  • Checkout
    This allows you to add this parent's name to the checkout list for each student from the parent account. There might be instances where a student is connected to a student and that parent can view that student's academic information, but they might not be allowed to pickup that student from school. This setting will allow your staff to be aware of this information.
  • Academic View
    If you want this parent to be able to see this student's academic information when they log into MySchoolWorx, you will select "yes" under the Academic View column. If "No" is selected, this student's academic information will be hidden from the parent in MySchoolWorx.

How to Connect Students to Parents from MySchoolWorx on Vimeo.

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