Create Assignment

To enter assignments and grades, you will need to:

  1. Log in and click on "Class" at the center top of the screen
  2. Select one of the classes you teach by clicking on the image for the class you wish to add assignments/grades
    (Note: before you can enter assignments and grades you will need to enter the categories/weights for each subject from this same page)

    To enter categories/weights simply:
    1. Click on "Settings" in the bottom left hand corner of the screen
    2. Enter the first category (Test, Quiz, Participation, etc.) for the subject you have selected
    3. Click "Add More" to enter more categories
    4. Once entered, you can choose to weight these or not
    5. To weight the categories, click "yes" above the categories and enter the weight beside each
    6. The weights must equal 100%
    7. If not weighted, click no and all categories will be averaged equally
      (You will need to do this for each subject individually)

       (to continue entering assignments and grades)
  3. Click on "New Assignment" in the blue header bar in the Grade Book
  4. Enter the Title of the assignment and the possible points
  5. Enter the "Assign Date" (When you want this assignment to show for parents)
  6. Enter "Due Date"
  7. Select a "Category" (These are the ones you entered earlier)
  8. Attach any files you wish
  9. Enter grades and comments (Or grades can be entered later in the Grade book by clicking in the boxes below each assignment)
  10. Click "Submit" (This will enter the Assignment/Grades into your grade book, your calendar and the parent's calendar)

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