Indiana DOE - Data Exchange

As an Indiana Ed-Fi Certified vendor, MySchoolWorx is proud to serve our Indiana schools. The MySchoolWorx integration with the IDOE Data Exchange automates this process for schools. Below is important information, documents and a video to assist your school with the IDOE Data Exchange:

Activating the IDOE Data Exchange:

  1. Login as an Administrator to MySchoolWorx
  2. Click your name in the top right corner
  3. Click "Setup"
  4. Verify the United States and the state of Indiana have been selected
  5. Enter your School State ID into the "School State ID" field

  6. Scroll down on the same page and turn on the "Data Exchange" switch
  7. Enter your school's "Key" and "Secret", given to you by the Indiana DOE
    How to acquire your Key and Secret
  8. Save the changes

Slides Show of MySchoolWorx Onboarding to IDOE Data Exchange

Video of MySchoolWorx Onboarding to IDOE Exchange

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