Manage File Submission Permissions

When a teacher creates an assignment, they have the option to allow students to submit (upload) files directly to that assignment. This feature allows teachers to easily manage the files each student submits. This article explains how Administrators can turn ON or OFF, by student Grade Level, the ability of parents to also upload and download files for their students.

How to Manage a Parent's Ability to Submit & Download Files for Assignments

  1. Login to MySchoolWorx
  2. Click your name in the top right corner
  3. Click "Setup"
  4. Click "Academics" on the left
  5. Scroll down and click "Parent Settings"
  6. Click the switches to turn On or Off the ability for a parent to either Submit (Upload) or Download files for their students by Grade Level

Example: In the above image, all switches are turned off for K-5 and are all on for Pre-K. Let's assume that both children have submitted files to an assignment from their own MySchoolWorx account. When a parent logs into their account and selects the Pre-K student in the top right corner, they will be able to go to that child's assignments and download and delete the files the student submitted. They will also be able to submit additional files to the teacher for an assignment on behalf of that child.

When that same parent selects their K-5 student from the top right corner and goes to one of their classes, they will be able to go to that child's assignments and only view the files that the K-5 student has submitted.

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