How do I turn off the pop-up blocker for MySchoolWorx?

Some of the things you do on MySchoolWorx require a pop-up. For example, when you want to print lesson plans or homework, a pop-up will appear to show you the print options. If your pop-up blocker is active for the MySchoolWorx site, you will need to turn it off before being able to do certain things, like print. 

To turn off the pop-up blocker in Google Chrome:

1. In Chrome, click on the Menu icon and then select 'Settings':

2. Click 'Privacy and Security' and then 'Site Settings':

3. In 'Site Settings' scroll down and select 'Pop-ups and redirects'. You'll be taken to the page below. Under 'Allow', click 'Add'.

4. A box will appear. Enter into the Site field, then click 'Add': 

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