Adding Scholarships and Specialized Labels

Scholarships and Specialized Labels can be added to a student's personal information section, for reporting purposes. 

NOTE: Specialized Labels have some pre-set labels already included:

  1. Tutoring
  2. ESE/IEP
  3. Speech/Language
  4. Modified Curriculum
  5. Occupational Therapy

To add specific scholarships or specialized labels for your school:

1. Go to Setup>Student Information:

2. Type in the name of the Label or Scholarship, and then click "Add". After clicking "Add," you'll see this selection included in the list below the add field. 

3. Add to the student's profile.

   a. Go to User>Student>Personal Information. 

   b. Enter the name of the label or scholarship in the field. Select the option that shows below the field:

Once you've added the label to the student's profile, you can use this to filter in custom reports. For example, go to Reports>Custom Reports>Student Information, and drag either "Specialization" or "Scholarship" into the filter to pull a list of all students with that label. 

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