Honor Roll Report

Creating the Report

1. Click on your Reports menu item, then click on the Honor Roll folder.

2. Once you're in the Honor Roll folder, click the orange "Create Report" button. 

3. When you click "Create Report," you'll be on the report creation page. Next:

A. Title the Report

B. Select your date range- the options will be to pull the year-to-date (i.e. 2017-2018) or an individual Grade Period.

C. Select the report type- A Honor Roll, A/B Honor Roll, or B Honor Roll.

D. Select the grade level. If you want to include every student on the report, leave "All Grade Levels" checked. If you want to select individual grades to add to this report (i.e. 9th-12th), uncheck the "All Grade Levels" box, and a field will appear where you can enter the individual desired grade levels, like in the image below:

4. After selecting Range, Type, and Grade Level, you can either Export your report to a .csv file or Save it for a later time. 

5. Explanation of Honor Roll Types: (IMPORTANT NOTE: Honor Roll reports do not use semester grade, semester exam, or final grades to qualify the student. Only averages for the individual grade periods are taken into consideration.)

A. A Honor Roll =student must have only A, A-, or A+ in every class in the selected date range to qualify. (i.e. if the year is selected, the student must have had an A, A-, or A+ in every class in every grading period.)

B. A/B Honor Roll = student must have a combination of both As and Bs in the selected date range to qualify. 

C. B Honor Roll = student must have only B, B-, or B+ in every class in the selected date range to qualify. 

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