Admin Setup - Enrolling New Families

How To Enable Your Online Enrollment for New Families

    Setting up your school's unique site will allow you to email and share your online enrollment form for new families. When a prospective parent submits an application, you'll be able to review and approve or deny the submission. Once you approve an application, the parent and student(s) will be registered in your school. (There is also a video tutorial on this setup process: New Student Enrollment- Video Tutorial

    A. Go to Setup>Enrollment and create your unique URL. Select the date you want this link to expire (this date will be the last date you will be accepting new students)

    B. Once you've created your URL, there are a few actions items to review. (#1-#6 are explained in more detail below this image.)

       #1: Enable your URL when you're ready to begin sharing the link and accepting applications. (This will be blue once it's enabled.)

       #2: Email the link to prospective parents. If you have an individual that you'd like to enroll online, click the envelope and type in their email address. An example of that email is below:

       #3: Copy the link for the URL.

       #4: Decide which admin(s) will be alerted when a new application is submitted. Type in the name of an admin, and then select. 

    NOTE: The only users that will show here are Administrators.

       #5: Go to the online enrollment form. 

      #6. Add a message on final submission page. Once the parent hits "Submit", they are taken to a success page, and you can add a unique message or URL to show on that page. 

    This is a preview of how that comment will look to the parents:

    C. Review and Approve/Deny Submissions. Click on the Submissions icon to review all submissions. On the forms submission page, you have the option to print out or save a spreadsheet of all of the entries. 

    D. Approve/Deny- there are two ways to approve or deny an applications.

       (1) Click the "APPROVE" or "DENY" option on the Forms Submissions page

       (2) Click on the entry and Approve/Deny within the application. 

    E. Once you APPROVE:

       (1) The parent's account will be created and enabled. The parent will receive an email letting them know how to log in. 

       (2) The student's account will be created and connected to the parent. The student's status will be "Pre-Enrolled - New." 

    F. Once you DENY:

       (1) The student's application will remain in the list and show "DENIED." (NOTE: Denying an application does not send a denial notification to the applicant.)

       (2) You have the option to approve later. If the decision to deny is reversed, click on the entry in the Forms Submissions page and Approve in the right hand selection. 

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