How Do I Update My Information?

To update your contact information on your MySchoolWorx account, click on the name in the top right (your student's name should appear here), and then go to Profile.

Once you are in the Profile, you will be on the Login Information tab. This section is where you, as the parent, will update your personal email address, home address, phone, password, etc. 

The Student Info section shows how the school connects your parent/guardian account to your student. Any changes needed here (i.e. change parent relationship from Father to Grandfather) would need to be handled by the school office.

Update your address information in the next section:

Update your Login information in the next section:

NOTE ON EMAIL ADDRESS: The email address listed here is your login username. If you change this, you will use the newly entered email address to login. 

NOTE ON PASSWORD: Your password is intentionally hidden for security purposes, so these fields will appear blank. If you want to change your password, type in the same password twice to confirm. If you do not want to change your password, leave these fields empty. 

Finally, update your Work Information:

Once you've entered all of your new information, go to the bottom of the page and click "Save." 

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