How Can I Access My Child's Report Card?

Once the school publishes your child's report card, you can access them in the Reports section of your account. (If you have any trouble logging in or viewing your account, please refer to  How to Log In)

1. Log into your account, and then select Reports in the menu.

2. The report cards that have been published will show on the Reports Dashboard. Click the link "View Report Card" to open the report.

3. The next page will show you the report card. You can Print by selecting the blue "Print" button in the top left corner. If the school requires you to sign the report, you can type your name in the Review Confirmation" box underneath the report card and then click the blue "Review" button to confirm you've viewed it. If the school does not require you to sign the report, the "Review Confirmation" box will not appear. 

NOTE: If you have more than one child in the school, you may see all of your children's report cards in one document, like in the example image below. The names of the students in the document will show on the Report Dashboard. 

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