Entering Lesson Plans

Entering in Lesson Plans

  1. Click on the Lesson plan icon and a grid showing all of your classes will appear     

  2. Click within the box of the class you want to enter in the lesson plan for and a pop up will generate showing the selected sections that your admin wants to see in your lesson plans.  Simply begin typing in your data or you can even copy and paste if you may have this information in a word doc or some other form you can copy and paste from.     

  3. You should have a homework section and this is where you would put any homework that you are assigning as busy work and not grading. For instance read pages 1-11     

  4. In some area you should have add assignment. this will allow you to add those assignments you are grading homework, quizzes, test, etc.  You will see an assign date which is the date you are on creating this lesson plan and assignment.  This allows you to go ahead in time without students being able to see this until this date on which it generates to the calendar. Due date is the actually date this assignment is administered or required     

  5. Hit save and repeat for other days.     

  6. After filling out the whole week you have the option to hit publish entire week which allows you to show only specific sections of the lesson plan if any to the parents.  Once lesson plans are saved they are only viewable to you and the admin staff publish is for parents.

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