Add or Subtract Points to a Student's Average

A Teacher or Administrator can add or subtract points to a students class grade. This feature is not enabled or turned on by default. To enable this feature please follow the below steps:

  1. Click the Class Icon in the main menu
  2. Select a class
  3. Click on the Settings section
  4. Click the "Yes" radio button where the text states "Add extra points to students"

The class grade book will have a new column called " EXTRA POINTS". This column is the first column in the grade book. A Teacher or Administrator can add points by placing any numerical value (2 for example) in the "EXTRA POINTS" column. A Teacher or Administrator can subtract points by placing a negative numerical number (-3 for example) in the "EXTRA POINTS" column. 

The " EXTRA POINTS" can be applied to any grade period by selecting the desired grade period from the "Grade Period" drop down selection. The points add or subtracted will only apply to the grade period selected when the points are inserted in the grade book. 

For example: If " Grade Period 1" is selected and a Teacher adds 2 points to a student in a class, the added points only apply to the "Grade Period 1" grading period. 

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