Custom Messaging Groups - Admin Setup

Admins can create custom messaging groups and give permission to message that group to the necessary staff members. For example, you can create a Varsity Sports message group and allow the coach to message the group or an Elementary staff group and allow the head elementary teacher to message that group.

To create a custom group:

1. Go to Setup>Messages>Message Custom Groups.

2. Click "Add Group." A pop up will appear to allow you to create who is in the group, which staff members will be able to message that group, and a custom group icon. 

a. Add recipients to the group. The users are separated into the first 5 tabs: 

1.) Preset Groups (1st Grade Parents, 1st Grade Students, etc)

2.) Admins - includes the ALL ADMIN group, along with individual administrators.

3.) Teachers - includes the ALL TEACHERS group and individual teachers.

4.) Parents - includes the ALL PARENTS group and individual parents.

5.) Students - includes the ALL STUDENTS group and individual students.

NOTE: As you click on the groups or users to be added to the group, you will see the name appear in the left hand "Who is in this group?" column. There will be a gray 'x' to the right of each name so you can delete the user/group as well.

b. Add senders to the group. (TIP: Add your own name also, if you want to message this group.) Group Settings will allow you to select which users will have the permission to message this new group and also choose an image for the custom group icon.

NOTE: If a user account is not added to Group Settings>"Who can message this group?", then the group will not show in that user's "TO" field in Messages. 

3. Once you've entered the recipients and senders, select a profile picture for the group. 

4. Name the group and then Save.

After you create the message group, you can edit it by clicking on the pencil to the right of the group name. This will allow you to add or remove users from both senders or recipients and also change the profile picture. 

To message a custom group:

You will message custom groups in the same way you've messaged preset groups before. Go to the Message icon>Compose Message, and then type the name of your group into the "To" field. When you see your group populate in the options below the "To" field, select it, then send your message as you normally would. 

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