Admin Setup- Setting Up Lunches

The Lunch feature allows schools to create menus that teachers, students, and/or parents can order from and then generate a report of those orders. To access the lunch settings, click on your name in the top right, select Setup in the drop down menu, and then select the Lunch gear.

A. First, determine your Lunch Module Settings.

  1. Enable Lunch for - check who will be enabled to order lunches. 
  2. Period for Lunch- select which period you want teachers to take lunch in.
  3. Order time for lunch- select the cutoff time for lunches. After this time, the Submit button will not show for lunches. 

B. Second, create your menu. You can create a repeating menu or a menu for specific days. 

Example 1- Creating a Snacks/Drinks menu that is available each day/all year long.

- Category/Vendor: Write the name of the menu or the vendor. In this example, Drinks/Snacks will be listed here.

- Grade Level Type: Select which grade levels will be allowed to order from this menu. (For reference, Grade Level Types are listed under the Grade Level gear) If you want all grade levels to be able to order from this menu, select Secondary, Elementary, and Preschool.

- Schedule: You can select either a specific day or a repeat schedule. In this example, I want it to be available every day. The image below shows what options you would select if you want the menu available from the start of school to the end of school, Monday-Friday. 

- Lunch Item: Enter the items available for ordering and their price. Click "Add Item" to add to this list. (These prices can be totaled on the lunch report.) Once you've entered all the items, click Add. An example of how this menu would look it below:

Example 2- Creating a menu for a specific day (i.e. fundraiser day, holiday, etc.)

- Category/Vendor- In this example, the order will be from a local caterer.

- Grade Level Type- In this example, only Secondary students will be receiving this option. 

- Schedule- Select Specific Day and then enter the date the menu will be available. 

- Lunch items- Click "Add item" to add the specific items available from that vendor. Once you've added all the available items, click "Add" at the bottom. An example of this menu is below:

Once you've added your menus, they will be listed by day under Week Day Lunch Schedule. You can edit any menus by selecting the day, clicking on the pencil, and editing the options. 

Likewise, if you need to delete a menu, click the blue trash can next to that menu. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lunch menus will not show on any day listed as a holiday. 

For further questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 866-990-2493 ext. 2. 

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